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What's New

The Track Master

Master the race track with our new racing inspired device. 32 functions that are easy to use so you can keep your eyes on the track. Click the image below to be take to our store and buy today!

Track Master.jpg

The Road King

A new device for all of you virtual truckers out there! We based the design on our popular Heavy Hauler with some changes to include switches for your windows and suspension. We also swapped out the toggles for LED toggles that light up when in the on position.

ASP Box Road King.jpg

New Faceplate Colors

We've added 4 new colors to our faceplate lineup! You can now choose brushed aluminum red or blue, gray marble, or blue galaxy. Go to the Buy Now and click the additional faceplate link below your device to be taken to the store page.

Custom Faceplate colors
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