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Road King

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The Road King is a game controller that was designed around American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator, but can be used for any game that you'd like. Use it for your favorite titles such as DCS, MSFS2020, FS22, and so on. Our controllers will work with any game that supports joysticks with simple plug and play with no need for additional drivers. You program your buttons and switches within the game you are playing by changing the keybindings. If the game does not support joysticks, a simple 3rd party program, such as JoytoKey or another keyboard emulator software, can be used to program the buttons and switches to your liking to be used with any game or program.

Features of The Road King:

  • Amber lit LED toggles that light up when in the on position.
  • Four two way momentary rocker toggles to control things like your windows and suspension.
  • The ignition is a real, all metal, universal ignition cylinder that provides a great feel and resistance when starting your aircraft or vehicles, as it would in real life. Don't lose your keys though, these are not universal keys and come with their own sets of keys! Two keys are provided with your purchase, so keep one somewhere safe!
  • Enjoy the feel of the push/pull switch for functions such as a parking brake and trailer brake in your rig.
  • Three red push buttons for various functions within your game.
  • Three metal mini toggles.
  • The three position rotary switch can be used to control headlights or the different in game info panels so you can check what you're hauling at a click.
  • Two 3-way rotary encoders also included giving you
  • A total of 31 button/switch functions - 32 when the CB mic is included.
  • Choose vesa mount studs for placing your device on a vesa mount (not included - many styles and sizes to choose from) or 90 degree screw down mounts that can be screwed down to a wooden surface.
  • Changeable faceplates that can be swapped out in seconds and custom labeled to your liking. Now, don't forgot what button does what for different games. Faceplates come in a variety of colors. If you choose to have LED backlighting, the color will show through the labels for easy to read labels in low light conditions. *Brushed Aluminum labels are black and light does not show through them. You can purchase additional faceplates at any time and one color of your choosing comes with your device.
  • Custom label your faceplate to your preference. There is a thumbnail on the left that is numbered 1-20 that corresponds to the label text fields. Only fill in what you want changed. If you don't fill anything in, it will come labeled as pictured. If you would like any blank, type LEAVE BLANK in the proper field.
  • Optional CB mic is available on this model for communications. Use it within your game or with your favorite VoIP software such as Discord or TeamSpeak 3.

More about the features of the controller:

The CB mic is a real 4-pin CB microphone that allows you to communicate through in-game VoIP or your favorite VoIP software. The CB microphone model may vary. Please continue reading of how the different switch types operate, so you have an understanding of how the box will work to help you in deciding on the box that's best for you.

  • Toggles/mini toggles - When the switch is flicked up or down, it presses the button and releases it. It does NOT hold the button. Most games do not read the state of the switches, so if you want to start with all of your switches up, do so and start your game.
  • Red push buttons - Acts as a normal button, press it and release when done.
  • Parking brake - works exactly as the toggles do, see above.
  • Trailer brake - pulled out, it pushes and holds the button, push in and it releases. It is programmed like this due to how ATS & ETS is programmed.
  • Ignition cylinder - There are 2 steps to this. From off to the run position, it acts as a toggle is described above. When rotated to the start position, it acts as a push button.
  • Momentary Rocker toggles - A simple example of how these work are like power window switches in a car. While pressed up or down, the function works. Let go and it returns to the off position.
  • Rotary Encoders - Rotary encoders work like a volume knob on a car stereo. Turn it right and it's a button press, repeated. Turn it left, another button press, repeated. Push in on it and it's a 3rd button press that acts as a push button.
  • 3 way rotary switch - Each time you rotate it to another position, it presses and releases that button for you. Uses for this could be weapon selections in DCS or going through the different information screens in American Truck/Euro Truck Simulator. The particular switch that was chosen will go 1-3 either from a clockwise starting position or counter clockwise starting position.

If the CB mic is added, the button on the mic acts as a push button, see above. Assign that button to your push to talk in game or VoIP software such as Discord or TeamSpeak 3. If using in game VoIP, the CB mic must me your default mic if there isn't an option to choose which mic to use through the in-game menus. Adding the CB mic will put this box to 32 button/switch options. If you choose the studs for a vesa mount, you will have to supply your own mount. They come in different sizes and applications, so you should be able to find something that fits your setup. Amazon is a great source for a mount.

**Leave custom fields blank if you want to receive labeled as shown in the pictures. If you fill in the fields, that is how your faceplate will come labeled.

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