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Innovative. Immersive.

Our line of game controllers are designed by gamers for gamers.  Each controller is made per order because of the many options available. This keeps the overhead cost down which keeps the controller price down.  We are focused on quality over quantity, to ensure you the best experience that you can get from our game controllers.

Right now, we offer four different models focused on American & Euro Truck Simulator, two for emergency services simulation and two for racing simulation.  Later, we will focus on bringing even more controller setups based on other genres such as civilian flight sims, military flight sims, space flight sims, and more!

Popular Models

The Heavy Hauler is one of our most popular designs based on our 2020 sales.  Turn the key to power the electronics on your truck, then crank it over and listen to the diesel engine purr.  

Head on out to pickup your next load, flip a switch and set the cruise.  Control your lights, wipers, dash display and more with our game controllers.  At the flip of a heavy duty toggle, the engine brake rumbles as you slow the truck.  Time for a rest now, pull the parking brake out, turn the key off and get some shut eye.  This controller will keep you wanting to drive the open road!

Quality & Selection

We offer many options for you to make our controllers a perfect fit for your gaming needs and setup.  You can choose blue, red, green, white, or no LED backlighting.  You can also choose to add a CB mic for your in-game communication on our trucking line of models. CB microphone model may vary.

You can also choose to have 90 degree mounts that enable you to screw the box down to a surface or 100mm studs out of the back of the device to mount it onto a 100mm VESA mount.  This allows you to swing the mount out of the way when it's not in use.  Of course, you can go without mounts, but we don't recommend it. There is not cost for the different mounting options.

Also, order the box with the default labeling or make it your own with labeling of your choosing.  Order extra faceplates to swap out between your favorite PC titles.

Our controllers are made with quality in mind and tested multiple times before shipping out to you.  We offer a 30 day customer satisfaction guarantee and a one year parts and labor warranty.

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