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Coming Soon!

Here at Advanced Simulation Products, we're always working at coming up with new and innovative game controllers.  Whether you're a sim trucker, sim fighter pilot, or any other type of sim gamer, we want to have you covered!

New Controller focused on Farming Simulator 22 and other Heavy Equipment Games

We've ran a survey for what you wanted and Farming Simulator was at the top. So, we're in the works of getting a new line of devices ready for you to help run your virtual farm operations more easily and immerse you into the game even more! Below is our first layouts but more will follow. We highly suggest joining our mailing list on the homepage to stay up to date with release information. This line of controllers will feature a 3 axis joystick w/ button to help run your implements with precision. FS22 is very button focused, so toggles are a bit hard to work in and have it feel right. We'll probably have a combination of both in our layouts. Like all of our devices, you'll have the option for lighting and custom labeling with the interchangeable faceplates. Below is the first rough layout of two devices. So far, it's a pleasure using them in game! This line of devices will sit flat on the desk, so no need of having to mount it anywhere. As with all of our controllers, you can use them in any game that you wish.


*Images are pre designs. May not represent final product.

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