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  • How long does it take to ship after I order a game controller?
    Right now, it's approximately 2-3 weeks from order date. Each box is built to order due to the customization options that can be chosen and the current order load. We ensure each box is tested multiple times during the build process before shipping. Once your device is made and ready to ship, you will receive an email from our online store and our shipping software, giving you the tracking information.
  • What can I customize on the A.S.P. controller?
    There are many things you can customize on your controller. You can choose to have red, blue, green, or white backlighting. Some of our devices come with RGB leds, so change it to the color that suits your mood. You can also choose to add a CB mic to our trucking line of boxes. You can also label your interchangeable faceplate to your liking as well. Whichever model you choose, the store page will outline all of the options that are available to you.
  • I want to buy an A.S.P. game controller as a gift, do you offer gift certificates for purchase?
    Yes we do! If you're not sure and you want this to be a surprise gift, give them a gift certificate so they can go online and build the box the way they want it. It's super simple to purchase and print out. Visit the store to purchase or redeem your gift card.
  • What is the warranty and refund policy?
    We offer a 30 day customer satisfaction guarantee on all of our products. After that, your device has a 1 year warranty, from shipment date, that covers parts and labor at no cost. You are responsible for the shipping cost to and from our location for warranty or to return the product for the 30 day satisfaction guarantee. For the customer satisfaction guarantee, you will be refund the amount of your purchase minus the original shipping cost. Also, if you ordered your device with a custom faceplate, the cost of $15 will be deducted as well. We cannot use custom faceplates since no other customers will want them the exact way, so they will be of no use. If you change your mind before the shipment of your product or within the 30 day customer guarantee, please contact us via email at in order to receive a refund.
  • Does A.S.P. plan on making different controllers for other game genres?
    We are always looking at how to bring more immersion to your simulation gaming experience. Check out what we're working on now by clicking here.
  • How do I get my CB mic to work with ATS or ETS TruckersMP? Or, how do I get my device to work with FiveM/GTA V?
    We like to use a 3rd party program called JoytoKey, you can download it here. You can use any keyboard emulator program that translates button presses into keystrokes. There are many out there and many are free to use. After you have it installed, we made a quick video tutorial on how to set it up. You only need to use this program if you are using the CB mic with TruckersMP.
  • How can I get further assistance?
    If you need further assistance with your product, you can submit a support ticket by clicking here. For general inquiries, email
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